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Our propagation mats are specifically designed for growing microgreens and come in 3 sizes:

113mm x 75mm (small) ; 25 x 25 cm (medium) and 50x25 cm (large).


The medium format 25 x 25 cm is perfectly suited for cultivation in our 25 x 25 cm or 50 x 25 cm trays (2 mats/ tray). It makes it possible to cultivate larger quantities of the same variety for daily consumption and fresh cut (smoothies, salads of young shoots, juice, etc.). Depending on the variety, we can harvest 150 - 350 g/tray.


They meet the following criteria:

• A 100% natural product made from non-GMO hemp fibers

• Pure mechanical treatment of fibers

• No added chemical binders

• THC content less than 0.2%

• With declaration in accordance with the Fertilizer Ordinance

• Identified in the list of FIBL resources for organic farming

• A standardized product for use in the kitchen

• Custom-cut mats for 25 x 25 et 25 x 50 microgreen trays

Other areas of application:

• Hydroponic systems – plants without substrate

Cultivation mat 25 x 25 cm

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  • How do I use my germination kit?

    Your kit contains 3 reusable trays that fit together.

    Grow mats are single use . They are made from