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Patrick VIBERT

Founder and General Manager

Patrick is an entrepreneur at heart.

He spent several years abroad (Australia, Thailand, Laos...) where he worked on many projects, as a consultant for the set up of agro-ecological and edible landscapes with social and/or tourism related activities. (Namkhan Eco Lodge, Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden,Pullman Hotels,GIZ Handle with care).

In 2020 he returned to France where he was recruited as a technical supervisor to launch the project of the transformateur vegetal in Lyon.


In August 2021 he became executive assistant in charge of the farm activities at Semailles, a large farm association in Avignon where he initiated the creation of several educational gardens, while contributing to a massive landscape transformation.


In September 2022 he is approaching the Caminárem school in Alès where he initiated with Bernard and Dominique Kimmel (the founders of Arcadie) the "Bedosse gardens", an educational farm projectintegrated  into a large waldorf  school project

In October 2020, he created his company Ma Micropousse Culinaire (My culinmary greens) and started an indoor farming  prototype with the objective of developing a live sale concept (ready-to-cut), in addition  to a training and sales activity   to support other producers in the development of a quality and standardized production.


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